Thursday, February 17, 2011

Easy dinner for two+ one growing baby

1 package gnocchi
fresh shrimp (peeled or not depending on how lazy you are) we wanted to do crab meat, but our grocer was out.
fresh parsley
pancetta (sub prosciutto if your deli doesn't have it)
1 egg
grated parmesan
splash of white wine


Boil water and cook gnocchi till it floats, around 7-8minutes

Warm shrimp by steaming in a skillet with water

Crisp panchetta in skillet similar to how you would cook bacon

Whisk egg, wine, parsley and parmesan in bowl

Add shrimp and pancetta to cooked gnocchi, quickly toss with egg mixture and serve.

yum yum yum

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

high and dry

Being preggie has left me with few options for transitional clothing. Now that I am nearing the end I really don't want to invest in any more maternity clothes.

The temperate is starting to get warmer and the feeling of spring fever is in the air. I'm very pleased with the Barbour winter parka I've been sporting since November, but as the bump increases I have the urge to dump it on the nearest corner.

I quickly learned a proper raincoat is necessary in New York. I'm loving these casual options for the upcoming wet months

I think my best bet is a black garbage bag :)
Oh and these are adorable
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