Monday, July 5, 2010


Yikes! I have been Mia longer then I thought. My parents had a great visit and I have been soaking up summer as it's blazing by. Isn't it strange how Jan, Feb, March seem to drag, but summer is a blink? Hope you all had a great fourth! I did some serious R & R this weekend and started my day by getting a mani/Pedi...I love long weekends!

New Favorite color
Island Hopping by Essie

I love the purple tinge to this subdued color...I looks great with my grey sandals

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  1. Island Hopping--nice! I switched back to Clam Bake for the 4th but must admit I'm missing my neon Flirty Fuschia...and thinking the neon orange will be next choice, especially with the soaring temperature...


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