Thursday, July 29, 2010

My love for Lanvin

I love the idea of items and brands being exclusive and hard to acquire. Most high end designers set themselves apart by their soaring price tags. I have my top three favorite designers because choosing just one is hard depending on the season, item etc. Lanvin has been in my top three for years and I have tremendous respect for the brand. Imagine my delight when I heard a Lanvin boutique was opening on Madison ave. Although I don't own anything from the brand...yet I have drawn countless inspiration for previous design work as well as choosing wise trends for my own wardrobe.
What is it about Lanvin that makes me swoon? In a nutshell it's these three things
1. Outstanding color choice
2. Wearable rich fabrics
3. The fit that merges sex appeal with pure feminine charm

Can you tell I love???

Oh and the white collection that was recently launched.... It's probably a good thing it wasn't available when I was getting married.

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  1. agreed. and how beautiful is the white collection! it'd be hard to chose between those dresses...

    i always love your blog girl!


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