Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My life changing obsession

Fine so I may be known to exaggerate a little, but can I please explain to you how obsessed I am with my new wallet. I first spotted the navy one my boss carries and have been on the search every since. After asking her about it I discovered it was purchased at Castor & Pollux in the west village, NYC. Naturally I went two days later and got my own--a slate grey with gold hardware version. My life has become more simple and organized.

Features I love:
Bills fit flat without having to be folded
A place to store a pen
Inside flap for a passport or checkbook
All the slots for cards are smooth and spacious for easy access and removal
Soft fine sourced leather
You can order online if you don't live in NY... worth every penny, actually quite a steal for the quality and functionality it possesses.


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