Monday, November 30, 2009

Trend Alert: Translucent Glasses

About eight months ago I got new glasses. I am generally a contact wearer, but I like the option of wearing glasses to spice up my look from time to time. The frames I purchased became a disaster and regret from day one. Glasses are pricey and I knew had to stick it out for a little while until I could get a replacement. I thought I was going to go with the wildly popular Ray Bans. Once I started looking I fell in love with the Italian made Persol glasses. The fit, quality and colors are superb. Being fair complected dark frames can be a challenge. I went with a cool grey translucent pair that were worth every penny. I am pleased to say I will be wearing these for a few years. What Persol lack in affordability they make up in everything else. Check out these other great options of translucent frames that I just can't get enough of.
Vintage, Moscot, Selima Optique for J.crew, Ray Ban, Ray Ban

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Brooklyn... how ya doin' - Giving Thanks

This is my first article where I "took it to the streets' for public opinion. To say this task was interesting would be an understatement. First of all I didn't realize what a creep I was going to feel like going up to strangers to ask them one simple question, "What are you thankful for?" I also wasn't prepared for some people's reactions or complete annoyance that I was talking to them. All in all the people I choose to feature turned out to be gems among a brutal crowd.

The top three excuses for avoiding the question:

1. I don't speak much English
2. This is our busiest day of the year, I don't have time to answer.
(completely empty wine store I often frequent)
3. Sorry I am expecting a phone call any minute
( walked back by 30 seconds later...busted)

People most likely to answer; Men, Smokers, Dog owners

And now for the lovely participants whose answers I liked the most:

Name: Austin
Location: McGloric dog run

Austin is thankful for his dog Delilah. Delilah and Austin have been separated for some time now His previous landlord didn't allow him to
have his beloved dog. Last week the two were reunited. Austin is Thankful to have Delilah home and and new apartment.

Name: Brian
Location: Enids

Brian had an all around pretty shitty year. He does feel thankful to have his current job with so many others remaining unemployed. (Brian may or may not been forced to say this by his boss who was standing right there).

Name: Charlie
Location: Blackbird Cafe

Charlie is thankful for his best friend Jessica(pictured) aka "cubs". There was actually a third friend involved that I will leave un-named who said "I don't want any part of this." Charlie is thankful for this sly cat as well.

Name: Nigella
Location: Brooklyn mini market

I spotted Nigella from a mile away, her personal style rocks. It was no surprise when she told me she was thankful for her awesome job as a hair stylist at Hello beautiful.

Name: Sarah
Location: Kings Pharmacy

Sarah was chatting with her friend when I made my pitch. Sarah is thankful for the city of Brooklyn as a great escape from Manhattan. (I couldn't agree more!)

Name: Amanda
Location: Vintage shop on Bedford and north 6th

This is Amanda's first Thanksgiving ever! She is from Denmark and recently moved to Brooklyn, New York. She had a glisten in her eye when she said she was most thankful for her family who still lives in Denmark. I think we can all relate to the feeling of thanks we have for our families that we can't always be with during the holidays.

Name: Eric
Location: Spikehill pub

This veteran has a lot to be thankful for; fresh air, close and reliable friends, and the people who have secured our freedom.

Name: Benjamin
Location: L-train subway

I like to see people under the age of 30 legitimately reading the newspaper. Benjamin was enjoying a peaceful read of the New York Post when I asked my question. He responded with, "I am thankful for Peter Zescey column in the New York Post."

What are you thankful for?! Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The buzz

I adore coin purses. All sorts of cute designs have been popping up lately. Had to share this darling yellow jacket one by Anthropologie.

love, love, LOVE...

Gift Giving Edition: Charity

I am ending my gift giving series with a charity edition. I love shopping and indulging in the greatest products but, A sad reality is many families that were living normal lives this time last year are really struggling now. Want to feel really great and help out people in need? Here is my list of some great gift giving charity opportunities. Ask for people to donate on your behalf instead of gifts or give in someones honor.

My puppy Penny is one spoiled ball of love. I want her to live an amazing happy life. When it comes to the holidays I get all excited about what I can purchase for my adorable pooch. This year I am nixing the gifts as she already has some many toys. Instead I am looking into sponsoring a puppy. The organization puppies behind bars is an amazing organization to get behind. With your support a puppy is given to a selected prison inmate and is trained to later be used by the disabled. It's an amazing program that is great for everyone involved. I strongly suggest you checking out the site for more information.

There are many forms of this organization through out the United States. I learned about this charity in college when my sorority was challenged to donate $25-100 dollars per girl to help secure a bicycle for a child at Christmas. I get very choked up when it comes to kids in need. I can't image any kid growing up without a bike. Learning to ride a bike is such a milestone experience and to be able to give one to a child that would otherwise be without is an amazing opportunity. You can search by your area for local bicycle organizations or go through the Bikes for Kids foundation in California.

One of the safest and easiest ways to adopt a family for Christmas is through the salvation army. Based on family size you can make a monetary donation or donate gifts/ foods as well. Many families this year are in need of the bare necessitates; blankets, towels, sheets, clothing etc. Contact your local office to see what is needed and how you can help. As little as $45 can be a huge difference in a families life.

Many families are struggling with paying for groceries. Donate to Feeding America an organization that is strongly feeling the impact of the dwindling economy. For every $1 you spend Feeding American can provide 7 meals to people in the United States.

With Thanksgiving around the corner what better way to help a family in need than provide a holiday meal. Through fresh direct you can donate 50 dollars to the Robin hood fund that provides a large Thanksgiving meal for an entire family of eight.

A friend of mine is doing great fun things to get food in the mouths of the hungry this holiday season. By having a little virtual fun you can make all the difference. This Thanksgiving, inviting a guest over for a little turkey and mashed potatoes could go a long way. The upside of this meal though is that the host won’t have to deal with all the clean-up and potato-peeling., a leading social media utility that connects people with brands to benefit a cause of their choice, will be hosting an online game where players are allowed to invite friends over for “dinner.” Players earn credits to buy “dishes,” by completing branded activities and interacting with sponsored advertisements. For your time playing, will donate one real meal per Thanksgiving dinner hosted/one dish earned to a hungry person throughout the world by partnering with the United Nations World Food Program. To begin your Thanksgiving planning to feed those in need this holiday season, go to: More importantly, we urge to invite your followers to host their own dinners. Five minutes of cooking, eating and inviting guests to your virtual Thanksgiving meal could spark an entire movement with the power of Last Wednesday was the launch and already 22,000 meals have been donated. Let's see what we can to make that number even higher.

The holiday season is about family, faith, and giving. Give to someone who really needs it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift Giving Edition: Wife (my wish list)

I am a really easy person to shop for. I am interested in so many things that it's really just a matter of choosing. For this "wife edition" I created my wish list for this year. Ladies forward links to your men. It's much easier for them to just click and purchase the items you adore.

I love looking at inspirational pictures and reading interesting stories. As I am working on getting my office just the way I want it. I am looking for some great coffee table type books to have on hand. The girlie girl in me needs, Shocking! The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli book. I am fascinated with her story and the way she brought the color pink among other things into mainstream fashion
. ($100-250)

It's no secret that I adore everything J.crew. I would die if I received the shoe of the month gift ($1,800). Each month a beautiful Italian made flat, heel, or combo (you choose) is delivered to your door step. I also love their ultra feminine coats. This beautiful festive wool ribbon script coat ($275) in red would be a great pop of color to go over my mainly black and grey monochromatic wardrobe.

I have been looking for a little commuter wallet to stash my metro card and cash in. It can be such a hassle to riffle through my handbag to find my usually exploding wallet. I want the convenience of a readily available pouch. The cheeky "head or tails" embossed Kate Spade coin purse is just what I have been dreaming of. ($75)

I try my best to be Green when I can. I always take reusable totes to the grocery store. I feel conflicted when purchasing produce, because you have to use those plastic bags to put your items in. I love these charming fruit and veggie produce bags. A great way to nix all things plastic. An affordable gift for any Eco friendly girl.
($ 20 for set of four)
To be honest I am a little disappointed in the direction Tiffany and Co. has been going lately. Many of their items still represent a beautiful high quality classic piece that hasn't been overly commercialized (...yet). I love the edginess of these Twist Knot earrings. Great for everyday use, but not so prim and proper ($150). I'm a little bored with plain diamond studs. I'm very excited about the classic everyday potential of these Praseolite cushion cut studs ($500). A staple of variety to liven up my cool greys most often worn in my wardrobe.

I am constantly using my laptop and often times I need a change of scenery. The case I own now is just a sleeve. I always feel like I am trying to juggle a million things. I love these laptop portfolio's by Built. They have a sturdy handle as well as an adjustable strap. The great thing about them is they're still ultra slim so you wont be toting around a big bulky eyesore.

I have really been drooling over my number one wish list item. The fully loaded Mac Book pro ($1,200-2,500). I am impressed year after year with apples unparalleled products. If money was no object the Mac Book Pro with all it's bells and whistles would be my top pick. Everything from blogging, facebooking, researching and rocking out on I-tunes is crystal clear with this new powerhouse.

Want to give someone a major hint!? Create a wish list @ Search for mine by my e-mail

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gift Giving Edition: Kids

The holidays are about so much more then gifts. When it comes to children they are all about the presents. Spending Christmas with children is so fun because of the pure joy and excitement they have about everything. Here are some great gifts to make Christmas memorable for the little ones in your life.

My five year old niece loves to bake. It's a great way to keep kids distracted for time and teaches them some good lessons. I love love love this cookie jar/cutter set from Crate and Barrel. Perfect for dreary days in January when it's too cold to play outside. Pair with a miniature apron and other child size supplies and they will be beyond excited. ($24.95)

All kids are scared of the dark. To be honest I'm still scared of the dark.If it wasn't for my husbands jumbo alarm clock that illuminates the entire bedroom I would need to leave the bathroom light on. This Constellation night light is one of the coolest things I have seen. Not only does it's slightly brighten the room like a night light but it does so by creating stars and actual constellations on the ceiling of the child's room. You can choose between a variety of turtles or lady bugs. This is a must have for any nursery or child's room. ($30)

I think books are a great gift for any child. Barnes and Noble has their site set up where you can search for books by age and reading level. Christmas is a great time to stock up your little ones book collection with great classics they will love. Write a message in the front of the book and they will feel extra special whenever they read it. I think the Tickle Monster book looks like it could be hilariously fun. I especially like the tickle gloves that comes with it. ($ 11-42)

I love this interactive family game that can be played at dinner or while a meal is being prepared. Not only does it bring everyone together, but teaches kids about conservation and sharing their feelings. The company has a whole line of Box of Questions. I am a fan of the family dinner edition to start. ($20)

When I heard Stella McCartney was doing a kids line for Gap I was over the moon. The collection doesn't disappoint. Your little one will be the best dressed on the playground in these duds. Girls (love the purple coat $98), Boys (Grey Cords $58), and Baby/Toddler collections are available. I am also a big fan of J.Crew Crewcuts for kids. With a higher price tag it's a good idea to pick and choose a few favorites. I love the glimmer tee for girls and the rugby stripe cardi for the boys.

Leapfrog is such a great company that offers toys and games that you learn from. I am impressed with the Tag library system. It helps children who are learning to read by pronouncing words to them through a pen type system that they don't recognize. I also love my pal scout, a personalized stuff toy dog that teaches kids 6 months and up all kinds of important things. Text and Learn is also pretty cool. Looks like a blackberry for kids. ($20-100)

Don't forget a plate of cookies and glass of milk for Santa! Land of nod gets it right with this adorable personalized Dear Santa plate and cup set. ($49) Add these equally cute stockings. Let the kids open them on Christmas eve to prepare for Santa's big arrival.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gift Giving Edition: Man in your life

Even if they wont admit it. Men like to be spoiled just as much as women. Fun, frisky, and unique ideas for your main squeeze.

My husband is obsessed with Paul Smith items. His interesting designs and prints on classic menswear really offers a stylish options for a well dressed guy. Your fashionable prepster will go bonkers for this custom Paul Smith laptop cover. The site offers other cool options as well for any techie. ($45)

Is your man into books? A fun idea is to look up some of his favorite authors sites to see if he/she is going on a book tour anytime soon. Also check out Barnes and Noble and Strand Books(nyc only) for when authors will be doing book signings. He will be super impressed with a personally signed copy of one of his favorite books.

Want to literally wow his socks off? Transform into a Santa that will put his traumatic childhood memories of the bearded stranger far from the present. Cook him dinner or serve up fresh from the oven cookies for a real treat. (Hat $ 12, bra $42, Skirt $28)

Men's health magazine just awarded the Braun series 7 as the best shave of 2009. Guys always love gadgets, especially one that can be used everyday. One reviewer said his last Braun razor lasted for five years. A well worth it purchase your man needs. ($250)

Guys like to have a place to put there stuff. I love this brushed nickel valet. It has a toughness about it but still has modern clean lines. So many I have seen look like jewelry boxes that most men would not like. This one you can have monogrammed and will be perfect on top of the dresser or by the front door to hold keys, wallet, watch etc. ($70)

I am a big fan of gifts that involve an activity you can do together. Check out ticket masters or go to one of his favorite artist sites to see where they are touring. If they aren't coming to your city... ROAD TRIP! ($20-250)

Four men in my life (Dad, brother, husband and co-worker) All love YSL L'Homme cologne. The four of them cover a variety of demographics. Besides, I think it is the best smelling stuff out there. If your guys needs a new scent get him a small size to try out. I guarantee by spring he will be begging for more. ($43-100)

If you have some serious dollars to spend check out cloud 9 living VIP Sporting events. Depending on your honey's interest you can choose from; The Superbowl, NFL pro bowl, Daytona 500, NCAA Final Four, The Masters, The U.S Open, Kentucky Derby, and Indianapolis 500. VIP treatment is included in all packages including airfare, hotel stays, some meals, tickets to events etc. This is the ultimate gift for the man on your nice list. ($ 1,500- 11,000)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gift Giving Edition: Best Friend

"Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go everywhere" - Mae West.
It's that time of year to show your partner in crime, your bestie, your confidant all the appreciation you have for your friendship. Here are some ideas she will love and you will too! One for you... one for me

Whenever I travel I never know what to do with my jewelry. I usually stick to the pair of earrings I'm wearing and not bring anything else along. This is so boring and I am always looking for a way to tote around my precious belongings. Space is always an issue, so something small and functional is key. Your bestie will love this travel bling jewelry case by Felix Rey the perfect sparkly shiny object to remind her of all your fun nights out on the town together. ($90)

Remember making friendship bracelets at camp as a child? Get matching necklaces from one of my favorite companies Dogeared. Delicate and simple these charm necklaces come on a card and have a multitude of meanings. My favorite are; angel wings of friendship, Lean on me, and Gratitude. She is sure to love this grown up version of a friendship classic. ($28-75)

I've always been intrigued by Brazilian bikini waxes, but haven't take the plunge yet. Take your bestie with you to experience this treat every girl is dying to try at least once. ($45-100)

Treat her to cozy PJ's for all those late night gab fests. I love these pink plaid ones from Victoria Secret with the matching slippers. I am also a fan of fireside long Jane. Pair with a classic movie favorite like, Breakfast at Tiffany's and she will be counting down the days till the next girls night in! ($50-75)

I have a love for all things Anya Hindmarch. Her chic and cheeky assortment will have any girl drooling. Her new addition of key chains and coin purses with her signature forget me knot logo is a great companion to any handbag. ($75- 150)

Is your girlfriend obsessed with makeup? Treat her to a sephoragift card or better yet a super cool brush set. I recently purchased a pair of false eyelashes for $8 and I have been having way to much fun with them. Add them as a little bonus, she will feel like a star with her made over peepers. ($35-70)

On a tight budget? Make a pack to do your holiday shopping together and treat yourselves to a delish after shopping dinner and drinks. You can't go wrong with affordable Mexican and margaritas! Cheers to the holidays.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift Giving Edition: Co-workers

The average employed American works 46 hours a week. The survey also stated out of those surveyed 38% worked more than 50 hours a week. That is a lot of time at the office and around your co-workers. At my last design job I thought of many of my co-workers as a second family. When you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with these people a bond is created. When it comes to the holidays it's a nice thought to think of the people you see everyday, especially your boss whether you like them or not ;)

No matter your co-worker's Christmas decorating style, they will be impressed with a beautiful ornament from Orange Howell. The ornaments are high quality and the jewels really catch the light. The products are made here in the United States so what a great way to support the U.S economy and give a co-worker a piece of what I like to call tree jewelry. ($45-75)

Lunch time is the peak of many people's day. I love this super cool
Lunch Bag by Built - durable, insulated and stylish. Make a pack with a friend at work to bring your lunch at least a few days a week. You will save money and be able to put this functional gift to use. ($25)

After a long day at work what better way to unwind than a relaxing evening at a spa. I don't know any girl that doesn't like to get their nails done. Treat a female co-worker to a mani/pedi. Do your research, if you know of a certain place they like to go, get them a gift certificate for that location. If there is a great salon by the office, that would be a convenient option as well. ($15-50)

I generally like to steer clear of office supplies for a gift. My one exception is a nice daily calendar. Although everyone has gone digital it's great to have a tangible record of events. I love my Graphic Image daily calendar (gold metallic) I purchased last year. I used it for keeping track of work meetings but also wrote in personal events. It's fun to look back and see all the things you did throughout the year. Your BB or IPhone doesn't have that type of self life. A pricier gift that is a good fit for your boss or a close co-worker Graphic Image Datebook ($74)

A fool proof affordable gift is baked goods. Instead of bringing in one large container for everyone, take the time to make individual servings and add a personal card. Container store has adorable holiday containers to give your treats. Check out Christmas for recipes for traditional favorites. ($3-10 per person)

If everyone agrees not to do gifts or you don't want to spend the money, it would be thoughtful to still give your co-workers a holiday card. I love Pepper Mint girl by Papyrus and Bonnie Marcus holiday cards . Bonnie Marcus has been my go to for the past few years. Proceeds from her sales go to support breast cancer research. ($25 per box set)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gift Giving Edition: PETS

If you know me personally, then you know my obsession I have with my French Bulldog Penny. I consider her my fur child and sadly she runs things around our household. It's only natural she will have a stocking added to our fireplace this year. For all the love she brings to our home it's only fair we spoil her rotten in return.

I love these old fashioned looking tins from Harry Barker. Even after the treats run out you can use them to fill with extra food for an overnight trip. I'm always looking for a place to store penny's (heartgaurd/frontline) monthly dose and these left over canisters would be perfect.

Not only is this chew toy cute and festive but it actually tastes like peppermint and freshens your dogs breathe. What a great photo opp of your dog running around with this giant peppermint in his mouth. This naughty or nice tennis ball rope combo is sure to be a favorite with your pooch.

Have you heard of fat boy? They're these amazingly comfortable beanbag like cushions that look very moder
n. A store in my neighborhood has them and I always stop in and sit on one when I'm running errands. The company just came out with a version for dogs that I want to get my hands on. The material is industrial strength like and they are really easy to wipe down. Perfect for someone who still has a young dog or a really naughty one ;)

It's easy just to give your dog any old bone to chew on. I am a big fan of Petstages. I purchased a few of these toys when Penny was a puppy and she loved them. She still plays with one of the toys and I am looking into what I should get her next. They are very interactive and stimulating.

One of my new favorite sites is I can spend hours
looking through sellers handmade items. I found these charming handmade Christmas stockings that are fun and cheeky. Buy three get the fourth one free. You can mix and match and pick any colors or designs you want. The dog theme ones will be perfect for your pet and you can get one for yourself to keep all your stockings looking similar. My favorite are the retro flower ones.

If you like dressing up your dog like I do then you will love this reversible santa hoodie. I think this tank says it all; "Dear Santa, Let me explain...

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